The use of ChatGPT has seamlessly integrated into my life after utilizing it daily for work. It’s become my go-to source for information, akin to Google, my meal planner, a low-key therapist, and potentially my new fitness coach. You get the idea.

As I’m gradually rediscovering myself following my first year of motherhood, I’ve realized that I’ve neglected my nails. Beyond basic cutting and filing, I haven’t invested much effort. With March marking the month of the “soft glow challenge,” I figured it was time to devote more attention to my nails.

Anyone who has ever gotten their nails done knows that choosing the right color and style can be such a stressful task. This is especially true knowing are going to be paying $60-$120 and be stuck with them for at least 3 weeks. So, why not enlist the help of my friend ChatGPT to decide what to do for March?

With that, I tasked ChatGPT 4 with researching internet trends on nail fashion and then asked it to predict the nail trends for March. In this post, I’ll walk you through the process that I took, the current nail trends breakdown, and finally the 3 predicted March nail trends from ChatGPT. Let’s start with the process that I took.

The Process

Since I was using ChatGPT 4, it was able to browse the internet and do some research on current nail trends. Essentially, I wanted it to collect current insights and data on nail trends at large. It did a pretty good job but I didn’t know where the source of information was coming from. In retrospect, I would ask ChatGPT to cite its information sources next time. I considered providing my own information such as exactly which websites to look through, but I wanted to avoid biasing the results with my choice of sources.

Finding information on current nail trends was straightforward, but obtaining a prediction for March’s nail trends was more challenging. It required several attempts to get specific predictions, as the initial responses were too generic.

I found that starting a new chat session was particularly effective, especially after several weird responses from ChatGPT. This seemed to clear any residual data from previous conversations—though I’ll need to confirm this by reviewing the documentation.

Once I initiated a new chat, allowed it to gather insights, and reiterated my request for specificity, I received a result that I was happy with.

“…a result that I was happy with.” Yes, I’m quoting myself to emphasize that, although these trends were predicted by ChatGPT, there was still a human element involved in selecting which information to present to you. To be transparent, I chose the predictions from the first round of specific forecasts, but I was selective. Especially when requesting images to represent its predictions, I certainly omitted some options. To be fair, some of he images had fingers growing in strange places.

Now, let’s get into the insights that ChatGPT gathered, shall we?

Current Nail Trends

My Prompt:

Do research on the internet on nail trends then give me a full breakdown.

ChatGPT’s Response:

  • 3D Designs and Appliqués: Expect to see an increase in nails adorned with 3D elements like bows, gold chains, and other intricate designs, offering a tactile and visually engaging experience.
  • Y2K Revival: Y2K-style nails, featuring designs and colors reminiscent of the early 2000s, are likely to continue their popularity. This includes everything from metallic finishes to bold, graphic patterns.
  • Vibrant Colors: Bright, statement-making colors, especially in shades of blue and peach, are predicted to be popular. Cobalt blue, in particular, might see a resurgence, aligning with a broader trend towards vibrant and bold color choices in fashion.
  • Chrome and Metallic Finishes: Chrome nails and metallic finishes are expected to remain strong, with innovations in full 3D chrome manicures that add texture and depth to the nail art.
  • Soft Pinks and Neutrals: On the softer side of the spectrum, ballet-inspired soft pinks and a range of neutrals, including sheer pinks, browns, and milky whites, will likely provide a more understated, elegant option.
  • Skittle Manicures: The trend of mismatched colors on each nail, known as “skittle manicures,” could continue to be popular, combining vibrant hues like hot pink with softer tones like peach.

These trends reflect a mix of bold innovation and refined elegance, allowing for personal expression through a variety of textures, colors, and designs. While specific trends can vary widely and evolve rapidly, these predictions are based on the continuation of current patterns in nail art and fashion.

Now, let’s look at what you have been waiting for!

3 March Nail Trends Predicted By ChatGPT

My Prompt:

Use what you have learned from the research and select the top 3 nail trends for March 2024. Explain why

Here’s The Result:

1. Vibrant Colors (Blue & Peach)

march nail trends predicted by ai
march nail trends predicted by ai

Vibrant colors, particularly shades of blue and peach, are expected to be a top trend for several reasons:

  • Seasonal Shift: As we move into March, the transition from winter to spring often inspires a shift towards more vibrant, lively colors that reflect the natural awakening and rejuvenation of the environment. This seasonal change encourages people to experiment with bolder, brighter nail colors.
  • Mood Elevation: Vibrant colors are known for their mood-lifting properties. Given the ongoing global challenges and the craving for positivity and optimism, incorporating vivid colors into one’s personal style can be an accessible form of self-expression and mood enhancement.
  • Fashion Influence: Fashion runways and collections for spring 2024 are likely to feature bright colors as key elements. Nail trends often follow fashion trends, making vibrant nail colors a natural extension of the broader fashion movements.

2. Spring Inspired Chrome and Metallic Finishes 

march nail trends predicted by ai
march nail trends predicted by ai

Chrome and metallic finishes are set to continue their popularity due to:

  • Technological Advancements: Innovations in nail products and applications make chrome and metallic finishes more accessible and longer-lasting. This ease of application encourages more people to try out these eye-catching finishes.
  • Versatility: Chrome and metallic nails offer a versatile look that can transition from day to night and complement a wide range of outfits and occasions. Their ability to reflect light adds an element of glamour and sophistication to any look.
  • Futuristic Appeal: There’s a growing fascination with futuristic and cyber-inspired aesthetics in fashion and beauty. Chrome and metallic finishes align perfectly with this trend, offering a sleek, modern look that appeals to those looking to make a statement with their nail art.

3. Spring Inspired 3D Designs and Appliqués

march nail trends predicted by ai
march nail trends predicted by ai

3D designs and appliqués are emerging as a top trend for reasons including:

  • Personalization and Creativity: 3D nail art allows for a high degree of personalization and creativity, enabling individuals to express their unique style and interests through intricate designs and embellishments.
  • Innovative Materials: The availability of new materials and techniques for creating 3D nail art means that designs can be more complex, durable, and visually striking than ever before.
  • Social Media Influence: The visual impact of 3D nail art makes it highly shareable on social media platforms. As influencers and celebrities showcase their elaborate 3D nail designs, fans are likely to emulate these trends, driving their popularity.

These top 3 trends reflect a blend of technological innovation, seasonal shifts, and cultural influences, making them particularly poised for popularity in March 2024.

Which March Nail Trend Will You Try?

Which one is your favorite? Personally, I’m drawn to the Spring-inspired Chrome Metallic trend, though I can imagine my toddler might also want to eat my hand! It seems the vibrant blue and peach are more my speed.

Are you considering trying any of the predicted trends? If so, don’t keep it a secret! Tag us @adultingislife on TikTok and @adultingislife.official on Instagram.

Happy Adulting!