Hey there, adults! 

March has rolled around, and it comes with the whisper of spring, a hint of freshness in the air, and the perfect time to take on a Soft Glow Up Challenge!

We are not all about the hard, hustle, nerve-pulling type of glow up challenge. Here, we are all about flowing our way to glow. Say goodbye to cortisol-raising pressure and anxiety-driven to-do lists. Here, we are about the soft life.

It’s all about dedicating a small bit of your day (15 – 20 mins) to do something that takes you a step closer to a more radiant April-self. Time will pass regardless, so why not take the opportunity to make your April self want to reach back and give you a high-five?

Oh! You can also download our free March Soft Glow Up Challenge Calendar to easily keep track of your progress.

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Let’s Break Down Soft Glow Up Challenge, Shall We?

March Soft Glow Up Challenge Summary
March Soft Glow Up Challenge Breakdown

This challenge isn’t just a list; it’s your personal roadmap to refreshing both your mind and body. Let’s dive into what we aim to do.

First things first, we aim to do 1 thing! Just 1 thing per day that your April self will thank you for. If you want to add more, we suggest a maximum of 3 things!

  • Journaling Mondays and Fridays: A clear mind is an amazing start to your glow up self. So we are dedicating Monday and Friday for you to pour your thoughts, dreams, and reflections onto paper. This practice clears the mind and fosters a deeper connection with oneself. Check out our March Journal Prompt book.
  • Spring Cleaning Sundays: Declutter your space to declutter your mind. A clean environment is a clean slate for creativity and peace. It’s time to get rid of things that don’t bring you joy. Take out the trash!
  • Walk It Out Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays: We need to involve the body so let’s go for a 25-minute walk to clear your head. Plus, we need to take advantage of the fresh air for your mental and physical health.
  • Brain Dump Wednesday: Once a week, we are going to unload all your thoughts, worries, and to-dos onto paper. We are literally spring cleaning your brain! Take out all the things that have been circling your thoughts so we can make room for clarity and creativity.
  • Read a Glow-Up Book: Choose a book that inspires personal growth and ignites your inner glow. Whether it’s self-help, fiction with a powerful message, or a biography of someone you admire, let this book be your companion through March. 
March Soft Glow Up Challenge Checklist
March Soft Glow Up Challenge Checklist

Extras for a Glowing March

To get in the spirit of March, we’re incorporating a few special activities:

  • Select a March Affirmation: Find an affirmation that speaks to you or just create one, something that will remind you of your worth and your journey. Set it as your phone background for a daily dose of inspiration.
  • Wear a Good Luck Charm: Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a keychain, or a small token, (Four Leaf Clover anyone?) let this charm also be a reminder of your commitment to glow and grow throughout the month. 
  • Face Mask Once a Week: Let’s not forget about pampering our skin. Slather on your favorite face mask and take that moment to just be. It’s our weekly ritual to nourish our skin and our spirit.’
March Soft Glow Up Challenge Calendar
Free March Soft Glow Up Challenge Calendar

Are You Ready To Join Our Soft Glow Up Challenge?

March is more than just a transition from winter to spring; it’s an opportunity to plant seeds for personal growth that will blossom in the months to come! The March Soft Glow Up Challenge is about clearing your mind, reconnecting with yourself, and taking out the trash!

So, are you ready to embrace your soft glow? Download the free March calendar, select your affirmation, and let’s start on this journey together. Remember, it’s the small steps taken consistently that lead to significant changes. March, here we come – let’s do this!

Share your journey with us on your favorite social media! We are excited to see where you take this.

Sending you all the glowing energy for the journey ahead! ✨💖

Happy glowing!